ELEGLIDE C1 ST STEP-THRU Electric Trekking Bike

Discover the Power of the Eleglide C1 ST Trekking Bike: Engineered for Unmatched Performance

Step into the future of trekking with the Eleglide C1 ST, designed to enhance your rides with advanced technology and superior comfort. Perfect for both urban explorers and adventure seekers, this bike guarantees a thrilling yet smooth cycling experience.

Dynamic 250W Ananda Mid-Drive Motor

Experience unparalleled performance with the Eleglide C1 ST's powerful 250W Ananda mid-drive motor. Its 70Nm of torque and peak power of 432W ensure speeds up to 25km/h. Thanks to its efficient power distribution, which enhances range and torque for a seamlessly powerful ride, you can tackle hills and diverse terrains with ease.

Extended-Range 14.5Ah Battery

Go the distance with the C1 ST's high-capacity 522Wh lithium-ion battery, offering up to 150km of range on a single charge in assist mode. Ideal for daily commutes and long adventures, it ensures that you can travel further without the concern of frequent recharges.

Superior Traction and Control

The C1 ST's 27.5-inch wheels and 2.25-inch wide pneumatic tyres provide excellent shock absorption and superior traction, delivering a stable and smooth ride on various terrains. Enhanced by a professional 7-speed Shimano derailleur, the bike allows for fluid speed changes, elevating your cycling experience.

High-Performance Hydraulic Suspension and Brakes

Enjoy a comfortable ride with the hydraulic suspension, featuring a lockout option for optimal performance on different surfaces. The hydraulic disc brakes ensure exceptional stopping power, reliability, and safety, making your ride safer and more enjoyable.

Intelligent LCD Display and Versatile Assist Levels

The intelligent LCD keeps track of your speed, distance, and battery life. With five pedal assist levels and a 6 km/h walk mode, you can customize your ride to fit your pace and environment, ensuring a responsive and personalized cycling experience. 

Adjustable Comfort and StVZO-Certified Safety

Adjust the stem to find your perfect riding position, optimizing comfort and efficiency. The bike's Certified lights meet high safety standards and minimize light pollution, providing a focused beam that enhances night visibility without dazzling others.

Whether it's daily commuting or exploring challenging trails, the Eleglide C1 ST trekking bike is your reliable partner for elevating every journey with comfort and style. 



Brand: Eleglide
Model: C1 ST
Colour: Black

Basic Specification

Net Weight: 25.5kg
Unfolded Size: 1850x660x1170mm
Size of Frame: 27.5" x 17.5"
Length of Handlebar: 660mm (26", without grip covers), 680mm (26.8", with grip covers)
Height of Saddle (from the ground): 33.4"-39"
Recommended Rider Height: 155-195cm (around 5' 1"-6' 5")
Max Load of Bike: 120kg
Cut-off Speed: 25km/h
Max Range: 150km (Assist Mode)
Pedal Assist Levels: 12/15/18/21/25 km/h
Walk Mode: 6km/h
Waterproof Level: IPX5
Material: Aluminium Alloy (AL6061)
Braking System: Hydraulic Disc Brakes & Power-off Design
Suspension: Hydraulic Suspension with Lockout


Type: Mid-Drive Motor
Rated Voltage: 36V
Max Instantaneous Power: 432W
Max RPM: 114
Max Output Torque: 70N.M


Brand: Shimano
Number of Gears: 7 (Rear)


Capacity: 14.5Ah
Voltage: 36V
Charging Time: 7.5h
Power Capacity: 522Wh
Protection System: Yes


Input: 100-240V, ≤1.8A
Output: 42V, 2A


Brand: CST
Size: 27.5"x2.25"
Type: Pneumatic Rubber Tires
Tire Pressure: 40-70PSI 
Best Tire Pressure: 55-60PSI


Size: 1.8"
Type: LCD
Information: Speed, Battery Level, Trip Distance/Odometer, Assist Level, Walk Mode, Light Mark, Brake Mark
Functions: Power on/off, turning light on/off, shifting assist levels, activating walk mode, removing trip data, setting screen timeout, etc.


Size: 1590x250x800mm
Gross Weight: 30kg

Package List

1 x E-Bike
1 x Charger
1 x Taillight
1 x Headlight
1 x LCD Display
2 x Pedal (Left & Right)
4 x Spoke Reflector
1 x Saddle
2 x Key
1 x Tool Kit
1 x User Manual

Note: the max range is achieved under the following conditions: 75kg load, 26℃ temperature, 15km/h constant speed, on flat roads with no strong wind.

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