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Replacement Brake Pads for Mercane WideWheel Electric Scooter
T:mi Kari Matti Mäkinen Mäkinen (Helsinki, Finland)
Jack of all trade

Works fine, I'am pleasent

ELEGLIDE T1 STEP-THRU Electric Trekking Bike
J.T. (Nottingham, United Kingdom)
2nd day out 4 miles

Update on my 2nd trip. Back tyre flat.....had puncture repair kit....when finally we found the culprit it was on the seam on the inner tube.....there are also about 6 other weak spots ready to go....getting some rim tape and new inner tubes....repaired enough to get home.....riding on road and off road..

ELEGLIDE T1 STEP-THRU Electric Trekking Bike
J.T. (Nottingham, United Kingdom)
Eleglide stepthrough T1 stepthrough

Purchased the bike as pre-order. Would have liked a little bit more communication from Electric scooters as to progress, but they answered my queries quickly...I didn't get any trackinging information and the delivery driver had already bought the bike to the doorstep before checking I was in. Hopefully he would have taken it back and not left it on my doorstep......Going on to the bike. I put it together my self, fairly easily. Waited for my husband to check everything was tight enough and in the right place..I have had to tighten the handle bars when out riding but they do provide anti slip tape that I didnt put on..the brakes rattled the first time out, adjusted brakes and now they are perfect and responsive...have tried on hills up and down, gravel and road...going for a long ride tomorrow, weather permitting..Puncture kit at the ready (my raleigh bike punctured on this its first time out). Headlights bright...large bike, not heavy though.. I am 5ft 3 and 56 and it is it. Will hopefully have many years of fun on my new bike.

KUGOO KIRIN M4 PRO Electric Scooter
Rhys wood (Oldham, United Kingdom)
Rhys wood

Is this scooter rear wheel drive

iScooter E9D Electric Scooter
Kai Carter (London, United Kingdom)

Good communication and product arrived on time 😁

increase the speed

Hi thinking about buying one someone commented on here saying they made it go 60mph just wanted to know if that’s true if so can he send me a comment back and tell me how he done it on p settings

ELEGLIDE T1 STEP-THRU Electric Trekking Bike
Stephanie (Portishead, United Kingdom)
Nothing but problems

The eleglide step though bike is OK in theory, but all the consumables are poor quality. Can't go for a ride without the toolkit or puncture repair kit. The tyres are so thin they provide hardly any resistance to puncture. One of the inner tubes was split at the seams and the handle bars come loose and needs re tightening after 20 min on road riding... its no fun and I'd probably spend a bit more for better parts.

ADO A20+ Folding Electric Bike
Chris Childs (Wimborne Minster, United Kingdom)
Fantastic ADO 20+ Folding ebike

I have health problems which means I can't walk very far, so after months of research looking at all folding ebikes I found the ADO 20+ international version.
I wanted a folding bike that could easily fold & go in the car & allow me to effortlessly ride along side of my wife & dog when they go for walk.
I didn't want the normal daft looking small wheeled ebikes & the ADO instantly caught my eye & I'm so glad I choose to buy it...
Electric Scooters London had by far the best price so I went for it, it was a preorder so sat back & waited, a couple of weeks later the bike arrived, well packed all I had to do was fit the seat, handle bars & kick stand.
After getting everything set I looked at some YouTube videos on how to program the controller.. The instructions that came with the bike are pathetic so YouTube helped..
The ride is fantastic, I'm getting on a bit now & had to get a larger seat with more support! On the roads in woods, I've been everywhere on it & it is great fun to ride..
It's very solid & well made, the motor has all the power I wanted & need, the battery seems to last ages the brakes are good & the horn is better than my car! The controller has loads of settings & I can even set it in cruise control, which is a fantastic plus..
Overall the ADO 20+ ebike is absolutely fantastic & I can't it recommend it or Electric Scooters London enough...

Seat for Mercane WideWheel Electric Scooter
Toby (Brighton, United Kingdom)
Part arrived as described.

Product arrived just fine. My only negative is that it took longer than I hoped to arrive. The price was ok, a little pricey for what it is but very few people sell this part. The seat pole clamp is a little weak and really needs to be done up as tight as possible to avoid it collapsing.

ELEGLIDE M1 27.5″ Electric Mountain Bike
Douglas Jack (Bellshill, United Kingdom)
a great e bike at a great price

the eleglide m1 is a high quality bike it has lots of power and is a great experiance to ride if you use the power levels to suit the road your on you will get 35 to 40 miles on a fully charged battery it has a powerfully motor and the bike managed hill with ease without any strain on my legs the electric scooters company delivered my bike quickly and it was very well packaged for a good e bike with a great price the eleglide m1 is worth getting

AOVO PRO M365 Electric Scooter
Daniel James carroll (Crawley, United Kingdom)
Worth every penny

Worth every penny fast eco friendly and long lasting battery that can last up to 1 1/5 of a day

ADO A20/A20F/A26 Electric Bike Rear Rack
Keith Gamble (Royal Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom)

The quality of the rear rack is excellent but the instructions poor.


TEMPI DI CONSEGNA ...TROPPO LUNGHI!!..Per il resto..tutto ok!!!

ADO A16+ Folding Electric Bike
Robyn Thomas (Bargoed, United Kingdom)
Can't prove it's road legal

From my understanding, this meets the physical requirements of an EAPC, at least if you get the EU version, but it does not bear a label to indicate compliance with the EAPC laws of the UK.

ELEGLIDE M1 PLUS 27.5″ Electric Mountain Bike
N.Ire e-biker. (Armagh, United Kingdom)
2 weeks in... pretty good e-bike, at very good price.

The bike arrived in good time (less than 10 days, shipped across to N.Ireland), it even arrived 1 day earlier than scheduled by courier. This is good considering it's near impossible to get anything with a lithium battery posted over here.

Came in a big box and was well padded and secured. The only gripe was it had lots of white polystyrene blocks inside which can break apart under pressure (just keep a brush or vacuum nearby). Also save the box if you have space.

Important to unpack slowly, and remove the large outer securing brass staples on the box, before even trying to open as they have sharp edges (like oversized staples), do this before anything else, to avoid a scratch.

The assembly was straightforward, but would recommend watching u-tube videos rather than the manual, prior, just to help the overall process and as a visual refresh.

Best to be assembled by an adult, or 16yo at the youngest, as some parts are heavy and requires some dexterity, and common sense with light tools. Again just take your time, double check everything. Even wait to the next day before taking it out on the road.

Things like the seat and front wheel only take seconds to secure, however one easy error was to place the front fork the wrong way round (as per it's arrived position in the box), which made putting the front light on near impossible (the black bracket on the fork should face the front).

Only realised this the next day after a quick spin on it, and comparing online visuals. Easy to resolve in any case, just take wheel off, spin forks and reattach.

The weird black metal bracket didn't feature on the small manual: this is simply a protection type bracket that sits over the rear gears, there are two small holes already in the rear frame-forks, don't loose any washers as they are small and assist in securing to the frame in the long term.

It did have a throttle in the box which is a bonus over other models.
Again see u-tube for best instructions, and disconnect when on public roads, but useful to keep for weekends, if going off-road or on private land and of a suitable responsible age.

The rear reflector is a tricky thing to attach (needs star screwdriver), however would recommend buying an after-market bright rear flashing light instead.

The front light (included) is good and bright, hold down the '+' symbol on the control to activate, the light symbol will show on display when on.

About 2 weeks in, and the performance and usability are slightly above expectations for this price point, it's not a speedy moped or small motorbike, but is nimble, and suitable for messages around town. Also it copes with slightly steep hills pretty well, just drop a gear if it ever slows, keep on assist level 5 and pedal.

The battery is holding up well, haven't charged yet, and nearly 20miles in.

The riding position is high and confident, great on town roads (slightly bumpy areas can be avoided by unlocking the front suspension), however would not use on any real mountain bike forest trials or wild fields.

For the long term, best to invest on a small luggage rack for the back, flashing rear lights, a right hand wing mirror (to view the rear), the seat is fine (above average), but can also be upgraded even for more comfort.

There is only space for a very very small water bottle holder on the top of the upper frame (using ties and Velcro), this is to be expected due to the large battery.

Besides as it's powered, you can afford to carry a small rucksack on your back or fit rear above wheel type luggage rack for any water bottles.

A good helmet (with back light) is essential, perhaps bright yellow padded gloves as it gets closer to winter. Bright clothes in general are good on the road.

If you wanted to go full out could by after-market remote control flashing indicators, and a air-horn type bell. Along with big mudguards it becomes nearly visually equivalent to a sub-50cc (2.5HP) moped, perhaps e-power comparable to a 20cc engine (1HP).

The stand is very secure, would recommend buying a good 2meter cable lock, perhaps with combination padlock (no keys to loose), and parking at a prominent lamppost when shopping etc. Vibration locks are also an idea, if not too windy to be set off.

Came without mud-guards but these can be acquired for next to nothing in pound-shops and bolted or zip-tied on to front and back.

Haven't used in the rain yet (rain and any biking is best avoided, generally) however the tyres are more secure than the thin ones on unpowered racer type bikes.

If you have to travel in the rain there are also after-market battery covers available (ventilated neoprene), and a light but padded jacket would be ideal.

Overall this model is of a very good, attractive and masculine design (the other trekking type ones with the lower bar, might be better for females).

A medium to large type size (18) which is the size to suit most people 5-6 to 6-2. A spare ba...

ELEGLIDE T1 Electric Trekking Bike
Peter Quinn (Stockport, United Kingdom)
All good for now

Really well made bike. The brakes aren't the best but good enough. Only issue I have is the headstock can't be raised up. Which is a bit of a shame.

ELEGLIDE M1 PLUS 27.5″ Electric Mountain Bike
David Hodges (Ely, United Kingdom)

Bike came well packed no issues, assembly was easy only criticism I have is selecting some of the gears are crunchy apart from that I’m impressed with the bike and would recommend it

techtron® Ultra 5000 Electric Scooter
Garreth Blaize-Henry (East Ham, United Kingdom)
Great scooter

The battery is spot on and the power on takeoff is right. I like the size it’s perfect for my height overall very happy with my purchase.

MERCANE WideWheel Rear Suspension Arm Plastic Cover
RICHARD GALLACHER (Workington, United Kingdom)
Wide Wheel pro

Got me the parts I required well done guys

Very happy

I have only had the bike for less than a month so I cannot comment on that yet but the owner of this shop is a great man! He knows a lot about bikes and very helpful throughout the process and after purchase.

Would 100% recommend him.

HIMO Z20 Folding Electric Bike
Richard Mann (Birmingham, United Kingdom)
Himo Z20 Electric Scooters London

Great service from Electric Scooters London. The product was promptly delivered but unfortunately the battery was defect. This was sorted by Electric Scooters London without delay. Great bike!

ELEGLIDE M1 PLUS 27.5″ Electric Mountain Bike
David Higgins (Glasgow, United Kingdom)
Fantastic value for the money

Well packaged easy to build up and it’s. Surprisingly good quality for the price the first one was so good I bought a second one.

ELEGLIDE M1 27.5″ Electric Mountain Bike
Nigel knowles (Royal Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom)
good bike

better than i expected good value

techtron® Ultra 5000 Electric Scooter
Anthony Findlay (London, United Kingdom)
Epic scooter

It's very fast when using app very comfortable
Ride its quicker then most scooters better then the pure electric scooter battery last long
And I look bloody dam good riding it its a sexy scooter lol

ELEGLIDE M1 27.5″ Electric Mountain Bike
Michael Key (Hull, United Kingdom)
ELEGLIDE M1 27.5″ Electric Mountain Bike?

Excellent I am real happy with it and Fast delivery 👍👌