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HIMO Z20 Folding Electric Bike
Les Latham (Holywell, United Kingdom)
Great styling but a few flaws

Great styling of this bike. Very well put together, but a few flaws. Very cheap brake callipers, so braking performance was not great. I’ve upgraded to hydraulic callipers. Braking performance and feel is so much better. I tend to run the bike on it’s high setting permanently, as the lower two settings don’t really give enough assistance. Other than these niggles, the bike rides very nicely with no rattles, squeaks etc. If your buying one, make an allowance for better brakes and discs, it transforms the bike.

mother board

no ETA for del otherwise good service

Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 Electric Scooter
Dan B. (Twickenham, United Kingdom)
Great product and also great price

I bought it for my son's 16th birthday, and he loves it. Delivery was super quick - came within three days of ordering. It came with an extra wheel, and my son and his friends could set up and activate it without assistance. Great company and a great purchase!

Tyre Valve Adaptor 90 DEG
Martin Herring (Avignon, France)

works well

MERCANE WideWheel Controller – Display Cable
Stuart White (Bagshot, United Kingdom)
Service was great thankyou

Excellent service 👏

AOVO PRO M365 Electric Scooter
Kev (Harrow, United Kingdom)
Aovo pro m365

No faults whatsoever, easy use, sport mode great, commute to work everyday. Love it.

Effortless Cycling

It must have been decades since I’ve ridden a bike (yes, I’m that old) but I still remember how fun it was. I’m really pleased that Himo C26 still delivers that fun factor, but also offers the extra assistance if you need to go from point A to point B fast and effortless.

Its versatility is definitely one of its strongest features as you can turn the electric assist off altogether and adjust how strong you want it to be. Himo C26 also has a really good design, durable, and can go really far. It’s simple to charge the bike and the battery is also removable. It’s just really hard to find any faults here.

ADO A20F Fat Tyre Folding Electric Bike
CFJL (Redruth, United Kingdom)
Not bad

I use this bike for running round the village and it is ideal for that. I only manage to get about 15 miles from the battery. At 34Kg, the bike is very heavy. My wife could not lift it into the car. Also, I cannot get the seat post to stay in position. It sits in a nylon ring and I have tightened it up as much as I can by hand but by the time I have cycled a few miles I have to re adjust it.
All in all, a good bike for small trips.

MERCANE WideWheel Rear Brake Cable
MARIAN VLAD (Constanța, Romania)
Great service.

The package has arrived and the cable is in perfect condition. Cheers from Romania.

Rear Wheel & Tyre Hub For Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter
Jade Storm (Bristol, United Kingdom)
Great wheel

Great wheel but unfortunately I bought the wrong size but the company were very quick to refund me when requested.

ADO A20F Fat Tyre Folding Electric Bike
Lorenzo (Cricklewood, United Kingdom)
ADO A20 Fat bike

Owned this bike for 2 weeks now and it has been great fun. Very well built, sturdy and solid. The motor provides the rear wheel with plenty of torque and it can go pretty fast. The fat tyres do wonders for any bumps in the road/path you may be cycling, as does the added under seat suspension. The battery life is quite impressive too, I can easily ride for 16 miles on a single charge using the throttle most of the way, with a mix of peddle assist I can reach 20 miles no problems.
The only negatives are there is a slight rattle when going over bumpy terrain, this is due to the battery having a little play in the frame. Can be easily fixed with adding a slither of foam or Velcro. The brakes are not the strongest, and there is no rubber cap over the battery charge point. Other than that I would highly recommend this e-bike, this is the future.

Mercane 2020 WideWheel Pro Electric Scooter
martyn clatworthy (Bristol, United Kingdom)
My new scooter

Mercane 2020 WideWheel Pro Wicked Toy Love it. Great company to deal with.

XTECH Zoom HB100 Brake Calliper
Dan Tore Olsen (Oslo, Norway)
Xtech hb100


A bit slow shipping (came from China) but happy with a working replacement part.

Will continue to use ES London.

Wicked tyres

Really good ride good look and no more PUNTURES 👌 must duy

MERCANE WideWheel Rear Suspension Arm Plastic Cover
Dan Tore Olsen (Stavanger, Norway)

MERCANE WideWheel Rear Suspension Arm Plastic Cover

iScooter E9D Electric Scooter
SCOTT TAYLOR (Turriff, United Kingdom)
Awesome scooter

Great scooter and fantastic service. Fast delivery too

KUGOO G-MAX 500W 10-Inch Wheels Electric Scooter
Matthew Nestor (Chelsea, United Kingdom)

Scooter was ok well built but bit disappointed with it not enough kick to the scooter when taking off bit slow and handle bars too small but then im tall. Just my opinion

KUGOO G-MAX 500W 10-Inch Wheels Electric Scooter
lynn sharrod (Birmingham, United Kingdom)

KUGOO G-MAX 500W 10-Inch Wheels Electric Scooter

Kugoo G2 Pro Electric Scooter
marc ellis (Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom)

tried once worked amazing 28 mph 45km/h but after i charged it speed has droped down to 18mph cant get it any faster dont know whats wrong can anyone help please

KUGOO M4 Folding Mechanism Pin
IRVING BRADSHAW (Tottenham, United Kingdom)
KUGOO M4 replacement Folding Mechanism Pin

Great price and superb service....

Mercane WideWheel PRO 2020 Handlebar Assembly
Anthony Stallworth (Vallejo, United States)
Perfect as listed

The assembled handle bar can just like the picture shows in perfect condition, fluid free had only sent me the model rod of the handlebar as replacement so this will be a great back up .


Thank u guys

Viper Air Pro 500W 48V 20Ah Electric Scooter
Adam H. (Harlow, United Kingdom)
Viper air pro

Well worth the money! Highly recommend!

MERCANE WideWheel 2020 PRO Controller
jozef misurda (Banská Bystrica, Slovakia)

MERCANE WideWheel 2020 PRO Controller