From city streets to mountain trails

Commute. Explore. Or simply do more. The Eleglide Tankroll Fat Tyre model combines durability and agility into one irresistible ride. Hop on and discover why this is the most imitated e-bike in the industry. 

Flexible finance options available

Sometimes we all need to spread the cost of a bigger purchase, and there are often ways to do that so it doesn’t cost you a penny! Electric bike or electric scooter finance made simple with Klarna

Buying Advice

Unfortunately, if you purchase an electric bike/scooter from an online-only seller, you may encounter difficulty receiving repairs or service, or with having a warranty honoured.

Sadly, we here at Electric Scooters London receive numerous calls for service from unhappy buyers who bought from online-only sellers. But unfortunately, if we are not an authorized dealer of a particular brand, we are often unable to order parts, or are not equipped to make certain repairs. And in the case of knock-off or off-brand bikes, replacement parts simply may not available anywhere for anyone.

As an authorized dealer of every brand of electric bike and scooter that we sell, Electric Scooters London proudly supports our customers in all ways possible — with the capacity to perform most service or repairs right here in our own shop.

We look forward to speaking with you about your electric bike/scooter purchase! But if buying from us isn’t possible, we recommend that you find a reputable authorized dealer near you for the above reasons.

Wishing you happy and safe riding!

— The Team at Electric Scooters London

E-bikes are more affordable than cars or motorbikes. They require less maintenance and are more cost-effective to operate. The battery can be charged for a few cents, and the cost of the battery will last for several years, making e-bikes a more affordable option than gas-powered vehicles.
For the UK to become a leader in EV manufacturing, it needs large factories (called gigafactories) making EV batteries and quickly, as demand for EVs is taking off ahead of a 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel cars, and the requirement for all new cars to be fully zero emission by 2035.
Being able to share the road in a considerate manner is one of the most important parts of being a driver. We all have a responsibility to look out for each other, whether that’s checking for motorbikes in cities or horses on country lanes.