Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Repair Guide

Specifications & Torque specs

Item Location QTY Tool/Size
Tire Pressure Front / Rear 55 PSI Tire Guage
Set Screw; Throttle Head 1 Allen/3mm
Brake Lever Pivot Nut Head 1 Wrench/8mm
Collar Bolts Neck 4 Allen/5mm
Neck Bolts Head 4 Allen/3mm
Steering Tension Bolt (Inside collar) Neck 1 Allen/5mm
Set Screw (Inside Collar) Neck 1 Allen/3mm
Front Wheel Cap Screws Front Wheel 8 Allen/2.5mm
Front Wheel Nut Front Wheel 2 Wrench/18mm
Front Fender Mounting Bolts Front Wheel 4 Allen/ 3mm
Kickstand Mounting Bolts Chassis 2 Allen/4mm
Rear Wheel Cap Screws Rear Wheel 4 Allen/2.5mm
Rear Wheel Mounting Bolts Rear Wheel 2 Allen/4mm
Rear Fender Bolts Chassis 3 Allen/2.5mm
Brake Cable Clamp Bolt Rear Wheel 1 Allen/4mm
Caliper Mounting Bolts Rear Wheel 2 Allen/4mm
Rotor Mounting Bolts Rear Wheel 5 Allen/3mm

Safety Inspection 


  • In the interest of safety, the most important part of a quality repair happens before the repair has even begun. A quality diagnosis of the vehicle’s faults and flaws is a quintessential part of being a mechanic. Making sure m365 is safe and operationally consistent for users starts with a quality inspection performed upon every repair. 

Tools Needed

  • 3mm Allen
  • 5mm Allen
  • Tire Pump


  • Ensure throttle snaps back with ease and there is enough gap between throttle and grips. 

360 Inspection

  • Ensure the bars stop when they are supposed to, by turning all the way to the left and all the way to the right. Bars should not spin 360 degrees.


  • Brakes should start feeling firm when you pull, and not reach down to the grip.


  • Inspect torque on the four 3mm Allen screws.  


  • Ensure proper torque on the four 5mm Allen bolts on the collar.


  • The grommets are numbered 1 through 4 on the back of each piece.
  • Make sure all 4 grommets are on every bird and installed properly.


  • Check tire pressure on the front and rear tires.
  • Inspect direction of rotation on both tires.


  • Assure reflectors are in place and not damaged.

Cable Routing  

  • Check cable routing and make sure cables are not pulling more on one side and that there are no kinks.

Grip Pad

  • Check Grip pad for any tears or peeling on the edges.

Charging Port 

  • Inspect the charging port for damage or any debris.


  • Make sure the wheels rotate with no drag.
  • The rear wheel should not be dragging on the rotor.


  • Check kickstand operation, make sure the kickstand opens and closes properly. 

Quick Repairs 


  • The reflectors are stickers which can easily be replaced. Please ensure the reflector fits firmly into the groove.
  • To get the reflectors off, use a blade or pliers on the corner of the reflector and pop it out.
  • When removing older reflectors, make sure to remove the sticker and plastic backing. Sometimes the plastic backing may get stuck in the groove, so please be aware and ensure both are removed.


  • The grommets are numbered 1 through 4 on the back of each piece.
  • The top grommet is  #1, the middle grommet is #2, and the two on the bottom are #3 and #4.
  • Make sure the holes of the grommets are going in a downward motion, which means the cables can go through the grommet during installation.  
  • Insert one side of the grommet lip into the hole, then force the other side in to ensure a tight seal.
  • Press in firmly around the grommet to make sure it is fully sealed all around.

Grip Replacement

  • Grips can be removed by simply pulling off.
  • Grips are directional, be sure to install left and right grips accordingly.
  • “R” & “L” marks on the inside of the grip will identify Right or Left grip.

Decorative Cover Replacement

  • There are a total of 4 decorative covers on M365 models, 2 on the front wheel and 2 on the rear wheel.
  • Remove reflector with razorblade first.
  • Remove 2.5mm screws.
  • Reflectors can be reused only if they are still in good condition.

Charging Port Waterproof Cover Replacement

  • Remove two Phillips screws on charging port.
  • Do not pull on the port once the screws are removed, simply slide the waterproof cover behind the charging port.
  • Align the two holes with the threads on the chassis and tighten the port down. 

Grip Pad Replacement

  • Remove the old grip pad simply by peeling it off by hand.
  • Start at the rear fender and work your way forward.
  • Make a straight line cut on the end of the grip pad under the tubular section of the chassis. 
  • Make sure residue is cleaned off as much as possible. 
  • When installing the new pad, make the same cut hidden under the tubular section of the chassis for easier installation.