Electric Bikes

Electric bikes make it easy to live healthily and explore your city without worrying about parking your car or wearing fancy bike gear!
ELEGLIDE TANKROLL Fat Tyre Electric Bike
£949.00 GBP £1,249.00 GBP
£899.00 GBP £1,199.00 GBP
DYU C6 Free Step Electric Hybrid Bike
£699.00 GBP £899.00 GBP
DYU A1F 16-inch Folding Electric Bike
£499.00 GBP £719.00 GBP
DYU D3F Folding Electric Bike
£449.00 GBP £549.00 GBP
DYU S2 Folding Mini Electric Bike
£429.00 GBP
ADO DECE 300 Electric Bike
£1,589.00 GBP
ADO DECE 300C Electric Bike
from £1,149.00 GBP £1,299.00 GBP
ADO A26+ Electric Bike
ADO A20F+ Fat Tyre Folding Electric Bike
£899.00 GBP £1,099.00 GBP
ADO A20+ Folding Electric Bike
£749.00 GBP £799.00 GBP


Electric Bikes

Bikes come in quite the range of shapes and styles, despite all being designed to do more-or-less the same thing! To the uninitiated it can be pretty confusing, so we’ve put this guide to e-bike frame designs together to clear things up.

Traditional (double diamond) Crossbar

This quintessential shape of bicycle frame has been around, practically unchanged, for well over 100 years. The strength of the design lends itself just as well to electrically-assisted bicycles, and this is the most commonplace option, particularly on those models like the Cube Kathmandu, that are equipped to explore a little light off-road riding as well as nipping about town.


Eliminating the top tube to create a step-through frame design makes for highly practical electric bikes. Getting around without working up a sweat is a key benefit of e-bikes, and as such many of us ride in normal clothes or even office attire. Swinging a leg over the top tube of a traditional bicycle can be a bit of a pain in a suit, not to mention those of us who aren’t as flexible as we once were! Step-through designs solve this problem and by far are the most popular design in Europe for both male and female riders.


Splitting the difference between traditional and step-through frame designs; trapeze frames – offer easier mounting and dismounting coupled with a sportier aesthetic.

Compact / Mini Velo

A bit of a wildcard option perhaps, but models with smaller 20” wheels are popular with good cause. Using a smaller wheel diameter and shorter overall length, a mini velo is an ideal option for anybody short on space and many of these styles are foldable too.

Whether you’re looking for a better way to get to work or around town, or simply want to spend more time outdoors, an electric bicycle can make it so much easier and more fun! Are you looking for a more environmentally friendly way to get to work without getting worn out or breaking a sweat? An electric bicycle can make it easier to commute to work do you don’t arrive exhausted or in need of a shower. With two options – pedal-assist and throttle-only – you can control exactly how hard you want to work as you ride. And, on the way home, if you’re looking for more of a workout, simply turn off the motor and pedal completely on your own. You’ll no longer be wondering ‘Is an electric bike for me?

Many electric bike users find that they actually end up getting in better shape than they do with traditional bicycles. Since an electric bike reduces many of the bike-related concerns that people have, their riders end up going outdoors and cycling more often. Find out more here on one person’s experience. If for any reason a regular bicycle doesn’t work for you due to hills, distance, health reasons, knee problems, aging, or even the inconvenience of having to shower and change at work. An electric bike removes all the excuses, making it easy to get out and do something good for yourself and for the environment. ‘Is an electric bike for me?’ is the first question to ask before getting in shape!

We realize that you have many options to choose from when shopping for an electric bike, both online and off, but Electric Scooters London is different. We sell bikes because we love riding them.

That’s why we will always go the extra mile for you: because we want you to discover the joy of bicycling for yourself. No matter what your question or concern is, we will make sure that you are not just satisfied, but delighted with your purchase.

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Buying Advice

Unfortunately, if you purchase an electric bike or electric scooter from an online-only seller, you may encounter difficulty receiving repairs or service, or with having a warranty honoured.

Sadly, we here at Electric Scooters London receive numerous calls for service from unhappy buyers who bought from online-only sellers. But unfortunately, if we are not an authorized dealer of a particular brand, we are often unable to order parts, or are not equipped to make certain repairs. And in the case of knock-off or off-brand bikes, replacement parts simply may not available anywhere for anyone.

As an authorized dealer of every brand of electric bike and scooter that we sell, Electric Scooters London proudly supports our customers in all ways possible — with the capacity to perform most service or repairs right here in our own shop.

We look forward to speaking with you about your electric bike or electric scooter purchase! But if buying from us isn’t possible, we recommend that you find a reputable authorized dealer near you for the above reasons.

Wishing you happy and safe riding!

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