Xiaomi M365 and M365 Pro Electric Scooter Error Codes

Xiaomi M365 and M365 Pro Electric Scooter Error Codes Explained

In our latest blog we are taking a brief look at the error codes you can encounter when you own a Xiaomi M365 Standard Electric Scooter or the larger more powerful M365 Pro version.

It’s safe to say that if you are used to owning or using technologically based items then getting the odd error is almost inevitable. Technology can be fragile, and with so many components being used in conjunction with one another, it is possible for one or more of those components to fail. This can leave you with a confusing situation not knowing which bit failed, or which bit needs to be replaced.

Thankfully the wizards at Xiaomi built a feedback system into the electric scooters we sell here at Electra-Zoom.

It is clear when an error happens because your electric scooter simply won’t work properly, it will beep repeatedly in a sequence or the 4th LED will flash green in a sequence.

So how do you know which error has happened with your Xiaomi M365?

The beeping and flashing is actually the scooter indicating which error has happened. With both the beeping and flashing, the long beep or flash indicates the first number of the error code, and the short beep or flash indicates the second number of the error code in question.

Example: If your electric scooter does two long beeps and six short beeps then it is error code 26. It is the same with the green flashing LED. If the light flashes one long flash, then one short flash, you have an error code 11.

In the case of the Xiaomi M365 Pro Electric Scooter it will have the error code shown on the display  and with the M365 standard, if you are connected using the Mi Home app, it will tell you there which error code it is.

So what does each M365 error code mean?

We have listed the main ones you will encounter below:

10 – Bluetooth (BLE) module communication error (Bluetooth module)

11 – Current sensors calibration errors or Power MOSFET error

12 – Current sensors calibration error

13 – Current sensors calibration errors or Power MOSFET error

14 – Throttle and brake errors

15 – Throttle and brake errors

18 – Motor Hall sensors error

21 – BMS communication error

22 – Bad BMS serial number/password

23 – Bad BMS serial number/abnormal error

24 – Wrong supply voltage

26 – Check the controller (Save operation in the Flash memory maybe wrong)

27 – Bad controller password

28 – MOSFET error

29 – ESC has wrong serial number in memory or “not activated”

28 – MOSFET error

29 – MOSFET is abnormal

31 – Program error

35 – Serial number of the scooter is wrong

36 – Battery temperature sensor error or device is overheating

39 – Scooter temperature is abnormal

40 – Main controller temperature sensor error or overheating

You’ll be glad to hear that these issues rarely happen because Xiaomi have amazingly high standards of manufacturing.