ELEGLIDE T1 STEP-THRU Electric Trekking Bike

When a road eBike doesn't manage the terrain, but an e-MTB is overkill, you need ELEGLIDE Trekking. The very purpose of a trekking bike is that it's fully equipped and ready to go, whether on a week-long adventure across trails, streets and canal paths or simply the daily commute.

Take your trekking eBike out come rain or shine, at any time of day, thanks to fitted lights and full mudguards. A rear pannier rack makes transporting the essentials a breeze. Pack a small bag for work or kit it out with a full range of luggage for cycling expeditions.

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✔ To take a test ride, we require a Photo ID, credit or debit card for security and the signing of a disclaimer for insurance purposes. We also ask you to wear a helmet (we can supply one if you don't have one)

ELEGLIDE T1 STEP-THRU Electric Trekking BikeELEGLIDE T1 STEP-THRU Electric Trekking BikeELEGLIDE T1 STEP-THRU Electric Trekking BikeELEGLIDE T1 STEP-THRU Electric Trekking BikeELEGLIDE T1 STEP-THRU Electric Trekking BikeELEGLIDE T1 STEP-THRU Electric Trekking BikeELEGLIDE T1 STEP-THRU Electric Trekking BikeELEGLIDE T1 STEP-THRU Electric Trekking BikeELEGLIDE T1 STEP-THRU Electric Trekking BikeELEGLIDE T1 STEP-THRU Electric Trekking BikeELEGLIDE T1 STEP-THRU Electric Trekking BikeELEGLIDE T1 STEP-THRU Electric Trekking Bike



Brand: Eleglide

Model: T1 Step-Thru

Colour: White

Basic Specification

Net Weight: 26KG

Unfolded Size: 1790x680x1118mm

Size of Frame: 27.5" x 17"

Length of Handlebar: 660mm

Height of Saddle (from the ground): 32 "-39"

Recommended Rider Heights: 155-195cm (5.09ft-6.39ft)

Max Load: 120KG

Max Speed: 25KM/H (Can be adjusted to 32km/h)

Max Range: 50KM (Electric Mode), 100KM (Assist Mode)

Speed Levels of Assist/Electric Mode: 12/16/20/23/25 km/h

Waterproof Level: IPX4

Material: Aluminium Alloy

Braking System: Front & Rear Disc Brakes + Auto Power-off Design

Saddle: Selle Royal (SR)


Rated Power & Voltage: 250W, 36V

Max Instantaneous Power: 500W

Max RPM: 260

Max Output Torque: 50N.M


Brand: Shimano

Number of Gears: 7(Rear)


Mechanical Damping with Lockout


Capacity: 12.5Ah

Voltage: 36V

Charging Time: 4-6h

Standard Power Consumption: 450Wh

Protection System: Yes


Input: 100-240V, 1.8A

Output: 42V, 2A


Brand: CST

Size: 27.5" x 1.75"

Type: Pneumatic Tire

Tire Pressure: 45-65PSI

Best Tire Pressure: 50PSI (Front), 55PSI (Rear)


3.5" LCD


Size: 1480x250x830mm

Gross Weight: 30.5KG


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Gordon Johnston (Greenock, United Kingdom)
A well put together bike with a good display

The bike arrived with good instructions, a multi tool kit and a flat tyre. The bike is well made and simple to assemble. The multi screen display is very clear and helpful. Riding the bike is a revelation if you haven't ridden an electric bike before. Hills are flattened out and headwinds cease to exist. I like the integrated lights though I will add supplementary flashing ones. The mudguards are very effective and riding in the wet does not leave you covered in spray. The carrier is sturdy and the side stand is useful. Gearing is quite low and a higher gear wouldn't go amiss. The worst aspect is the poor cable-operated disc brakes. Hopefully they will improve as the pads bed in but at the moment the front brake in particular is pretty dismal. Overall I am pleased with the bike and am looking forward to putting in many miles on it. Oh, battery range is good. On a very hilly test run using lots of assist it used 20% charge in 7 miles so 35 miles is easily possible and probably considerably more between charges.

J.T. (Nottingham, United Kingdom)
2nd day out 4 miles

Update on my 2nd trip. Back tyre flat.....had puncture repair kit....when finally we found the culprit it was on the seam on the inner tube.....there are also about 6 other weak spots ready to go....getting some rim tape and new inner tubes....repaired enough to get home.....riding on road and off road..

J.T. (Nottingham, United Kingdom)
Eleglide stepthrough T1 stepthrough

Purchased the bike as pre-order. Would have liked a little bit more communication from Electric scooters as to progress, but they answered my queries quickly...I didn't get any trackinging information and the delivery driver had already bought the bike to the doorstep before checking I was in. Hopefully he would have taken it back and not left it on my doorstep......Going on to the bike. I put it together my self, fairly easily. Waited for my husband to check everything was tight enough and in the right place..I have had to tighten the handle bars when out riding but they do provide anti slip tape that I didnt put on..the brakes rattled the first time out, adjusted brakes and now they are perfect and responsive...have tried on hills up and down, gravel and road...going for a long ride tomorrow, weather permitting..Puncture kit at the ready (my raleigh bike punctured on this its first time out). Headlights bright...large bike, not heavy though.. I am 5ft 3 and 56 and it is it. Will hopefully have many years of fun on my new bike.

Stephanie (Portishead, United Kingdom)
Nothing but problems

The eleglide step though bike is OK in theory, but all the consumables are poor quality. Can't go for a ride without the toolkit or puncture repair kit. The tyres are so thin they provide hardly any resistance to puncture. One of the inner tubes was split at the seams and the handle bars come loose and needs re tightening after 20 min on road riding... its no fun and I'd probably spend a bit more for better parts.