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Hidoes® ET1 Folding Electric Cargo Trike

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Hidoes ET1 Electric Tricycle: Your Ultimate Urban Companion

Experience the ultimate in convenience and sustainability with the Hidoes ET1 electric tricycle. This eco-friendly vehicle is designed for modern urban living and offers a smooth and effortless ride with powerful electric assistance. It combines stability, comfort, and style, perfect for commuting, errands, or leisurely rides. Its spacious cargo area allows for easy transportation of groceries and packages. Embrace the future of transportation with zero emissions, low running costs, and the freedom to navigate busy streets or scenic paths easily. Ride smart, ride green, ride our electric tricycle!

Powerful Performance

Featuring a robust 750W motor and a powerful rear-wheel drive system, the Hidoes ET1 e-trike ensures unparalleled traction and control. With an impressive torque of 85NM, this electric trike effortlessly tackles steep inclines and varied terrains, making it ideal for urban commuting and off-road adventures.

Rugged Versatility

Powered by a 48V 20Ah battery, the Hidoes ET1 electric tricycle delivers an impressive 40-65 km range per charge, ensuring long-lasting performance. The innovative removable battery design allows for easy swapping and charging flexibility. Two charging methods are available: you can charge the battery either on the tricycle or separately, providing unparalleled convenience.

Advanced Controls and Lighting

The Hidoes ET1 3-wheel e-bike has a sophisticated LCD that enhances your riding experience. This multi-function display provides real-time information on speed, odometer (ODO), and other critical metrics, making it easy to monitor your ride. The user-friendly interface ensures that operating the Hidoes ET1 is intuitive and straightforward, even for beginners.

Engineered for safe riding day or night, the Hidoes ET1 features a powerful LED headlight, taillight, and side lights. The bright and energy-efficient lighting system illuminates your path, enhancing your confidence and security on the road.

Safety and Control

This advanced e-trike has a robust 3-disc brake system, ensuring you can stop quickly and safely in any situation. Whether navigating busy city streets or taking on steep descents, the Hidoes ET1's suET1'sr braking power provides peace of mind and exceptional control.

Featuring an adjustable front fork, the Hidoes ET1 electric 3-wheel cycle ensures a smooth and customizable riding experience, suitable for various terrains and rider preferences. Whether commuting through urban streets or exploring scenic routes, the adjustable front fork provides optimal shock absorption and stability.

Equipped with a sophisticated differential system, the ET1 ensures smooth and stable cornering, providing enhanced control and safety on every ride. This motorized tricycle delivers balanced power distribution to the wheels, making manoeuvring around corners effortless and secure.

Comfort and Durability

Featuring robust 20"*4" fat "ty" es, this Hidoes ET1 electric trike bike ensures a smooth and stable ride on various terrains. The air tyres provide excellent shock absorption, making them suitable for urban streets and off-road trails. Whether you're exploring nature, the Hidoes ET1's tyres deliver exceptional traction and durability.

The Hidoes ET1 foldable electric trike is a masterpiece of engineering and convenience. Designed with high-quality folding parts, the ET1 ensures quick folding for easy storage and transport. The elastic tube design protects cables and avoids damage, maintaining the trike's trike'sity and reliability.

Efficient Cargo Solution

The Hidoes ET1 Electric Cargo Trike is the ultimate solution for versatile and efficient transportation. Designed with a sturdy metal frame, the ET1 is perfect for hauling goods, running errands, and supporting your active lifestyle. Whether transporting groceries, carrying fishing gear, or packing for a camping trip, this electric cargo trike offers ample space and reliability. Its robust build ensures stability and ease of use, making it ideal for urban and off-road adventures. Experience unmatched convenience and functionality with the Hidoes ET1 Electric Cargo Trike, your dependable partner for all your cargo and recreational needs.

Model HD-ET1 Specifications
Specification Details
Model HD-ET1
Battery 48V/20Ah
Power 750W
Display Screen LCD
Max Speed 25-40KM/H
Range 40-65KM
Max Load 150KG
Tyre Size 20*4.0 inch
Tyre Type Off-road Air tyres
Charging Time 6~8 hours
Frame Material Aluminium alloy
Net Weight 50 KG
Gross Weight 58 KG
Package Size 106*77*78 cm
Brake Three front and rear disc brakes
Light Front LED headlights, side lights and tail lights
Adapter Input 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz 2A, Output 54.6 V 2A Max
Note: Maximum load and speed may vary depending on the rider's weight, riding style, and terrain.

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