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Great scooter

I’ve had this scooter for two weeks now and it’s a great scooter it’s fast & sturdy. The footboard is spacious which gives me better control it also has a usb charger under the front brake which i can’t see listed in the description definitely comes in handy .

It is on the heavy side so definitely take that into consideration. It feels great off road which I use it for mainly , The torque on this thing is quite impressive. Can go up hills easily with the dual turbo making it a breeze. For me it goes about 33-35 mph on a smooth flat road with full charge. If you know what your doing you can wiggle with the P1 menus and can increase this I got around 100KMH/60MPH.

In terms of delivery and CS , customer service was Excellent , responded fast with any queries I had. I ordered on a bank holiday so it did take a day or so longer, in transport a part of my front fender snapped off but i was able to easily fix it , CS was willing to repair this so 10/10 for customer service .

Overall really good and happy with my purchase, highly recommend to anyone looking for speed and don’t need something lightweight.

Good costumer service quick delivery good product

ADO A16+ Folding Electric Bike
Bob Saget (London, United Kingdom)
Good for assist & hybrid modes, bad for battery.

This is my 2nd electric folding bike, my first was a carrera e-city which was unfortunately stolen so I went for a ADO A16 as a cheaper alternative.

A removeable battery is always a massive plus with an electric bike which the ADO A16 has. The assist & hybrid mode on the ADO A16 is good, the battery on the carrera is far better, the battery on the ADO doesn't last as nearly as long as advertised, probably about 50% of the advertised mileage. The suspension on the ADO is very good, the carrera didn't have any suspension. Wasn't impressed with electric scooters London after sales, I had an issue with the programming in the ADO and emailed for assistance = never bothered getting back to me. If you do buy an ADO watch a programming set up video on YouTube as there are no instructions or after care in helping you with the set up/changing settings.

Mercane WideWheel Neck - Replacement Part
Andrew (Albany, United States)
Awesome service and satisfied with item received!

Item arrived on time and safely to USA from the UK in a timely manner, Amazing customer service and always responded whenever I had a question or comment. ES London team is awesome!

ADO A20+ Folding Electric Bike
Jerroll Bethune (Hackney, United Kingdom)

ADO A20+ Folding Electric Bike

The best scooter for urban commute

I've had this scooter for a year now and it's treated me very well I've hadn't had no problems with it it rides well it's smooth it gets me where I need to go I ride from West Bank of New Orleans to downtown New Orleans and back it's great scooter

Great value eBike

So everything in life is a compromise, in the case of this budget ebike, there are a few compromises but overall it is a fantastic bike for the money and I am very pleased with it. Those compromises could be addressed by spending 2 or 3 times as much, but then the compromise is you spent 2 or 3 times as much!
So, the compromises: It's heavy and awkward for a folding bike, I wouldn't want to have to carry it too far. The quality of some of the components could be better, especially the brakes, although they work ok. The battery key is in a very awkward location on the frame.
There are many plusses though, especially at this price: It looks cool, it has front and rear shock absorbtion, adjustable handlebars and comfortable saddle make it a comfortable ride, shimano gears, plenty powerful rear hub motor, great range, superb control display and lots of configuration options, comes with front and rear lights.
Overall a great purchase and I'm well pleased with it.

ADO A16+ Folding Electric Bike
Antony Northcott (Bere Alston, United Kingdom)
Not a bad little machine but!

Clever fun little bike but sadly too heavy for me and the gear ratios are way off the mark. The bike settings do not function properly which means I cannot fine-tune it and not get into the + mode for the hills where I live.
Having said all that if it is only to be used for a bit of fun, then go out and buy one and enjoy. It seems to be fairly well maid.

ADO a20

Originally brought this for my wife for the price it was worth a go .Was very surprised at what we got for the money this things is excellent now will have to buy another one for the wife because this is now mine.

Carbon Fibre Mercane WideWheel Rear Mudguard Extender
Xavier Ruax Juncadella (Hackney, United Kingdom)
I didn’t received the item


I still didn’t receid the item. Once I receive it I’ll share my feedback.


ADO A20+ Folding Electric Bike
Rafael Couto (High Wycombe, United Kingdom)
Great Bike for the Value

I was not let down by any review I saw online. The motor is powerful, and although it won't take you up hills where the inclination is too high, you can still go up with a bit of leg effort (I mean it, pedalling just a little makes a world of difference when the 350W of power kicks in).

One thing that is not as I expected, but is not a fault, is the bike's weight. It's hard to picture it just by thinking of 24kg, but that is a lot of weight. I am taking it inside trains of the C2C line with no problem, but for busier lines with less space, like the central line, I would instead get the ADO 16. I saw one of those in the street, and it's considerably smaller than the ADO 20. Nonetheless, I am pretty satisfied with my purchase, and it was worth every penny.

Kugoo M4/PRO Brake Pads
Asim Ali (Liverpool, United Kingdom)

Fast delivery

Ok 👌

Ok 👌

HIMO C26 Electric Bike
Lea French (Northampton, United Kingdom)
Brilliant bike

To start with let me me say what lovely honest company. I had a few questions to ask having been let down twice by other people. My questions were answered quickly efficiently and honestly. I was promised they had the bike I wanted in stock and told me when it would be delivered and they were true to there word 5stars for that. Now to the bike I chose the himo c26 in grey because it had pure electric mode and throttle I have been riding it now for a few weeks now and WOW 👍👍👍👍👍 What a bike very fast very smooth and very quiet it has 7 gears which helps greatly uphill is like going downhill. The bike is very comfortable seat is had but supprising comfy. Battery life is as good it looks great and boy it is good all in all I can not find any bad thing to say about this bike boring I know but you can not go wrong with the himo c26. My bike was delivered without a UK charger these things happen. Contacted them instant reply instant apologies and charger sent next day I mentioned this because it so reassuring to know how company's resolve these matters as they can happen and it was dealt with another 5stars for that 👍👍👍. So if you are considering a bike from this company rest assured you will as pleased and happy as I am once again thanks to all and well done I would recommend anyone to buy ftom electric Scooter London 👍👍👍

MERCANE WideWheel 2020 PRO Controller
Daniel Wiren (Stockholm, Sweden)

MERCANE WideWheel 2020 PRO Controller

ADO A16+ Folding Electric Bike
Martyn Holder (Witney, United Kingdom)
Not as it seems

Maybe I’m just unlucky but the reviews say that this bike is capable of well over 20 miles on one charge- IT ISN’T! Maybe in “pedelec mode” No 1 Setting but the electrical assistance in this is practically nil! As soon as you put it in setting No 2 it eats the battery in front of your eyes giving less than 8 miles on a flat surface!
It’s a case of you get what you pay for but don’t believe the hype - it isn’t true! I won’t even mention No 3 setting but suffice it to say “take your phone with you as you will need someone to pick you up down the road. Finally the bike is almost impossible to pedal in 0 mode( no electrical assistance)!

KUGOO M4 Electric Scooter Original Charger
Rayan Mcleod (Barnet, United Kingdom)

Good charger does the job happy as can be

ADO A16+ Folding Electric Bike
Josephine Jenkins (Warrington, United Kingdom)

ADO A16 Folding Electric Bike

Viper Air Pro 500W 48V 20Ah Electric Scooter
Mark Sawyer (London, United Kingdom)
Very happy

I bought this scooter as a replacement to my Xaomi which I had bought previously at a similar price from Halfords a year before. The Viper beats the Xaomi hands down in every possible way! Better acceleration, smoother ride, much faster and a long lasting battery. On its 1st charge I did over 50km all of which were in top speed mode. Very happy

ADO A20+ Folding Electric Bike
Ilisei Gheorghe (Bethnal Green, United Kingdom)

It’s good bike, fast but the only problem it’s brakes I spent around £100 to change the disc and calipers

MERCANE WideWheel 2019 Controller
Don Ho (San Rafael, United States)

Great job, will recommend to friends

ADO A16+ Folding Electric Bike
Stephen Colman (New Cross, United Kingdom)
ADO 16 E bike

Fantastic bit of kit for the money. Brakes squeal a bit but I was always going to up grade them.

ADO A16+ Folding Electric Bike
peter ansah (Lewisham, United Kingdom)

ADO A16 Folding Electric Bike

AOVO Pro Original Dashboard Bluetooth & Cover Set
Waldemar Figurski (Tottenham, United Kingdom)

AOVO Pro Original Dashboard Bluetooth & Cover Set

ADO A20+ Folding Electric Bike
Loraine Mcgee (Finsbury, United Kingdom)
Excellent bile

Very easy bike to ride.Comes with all the bells and whistles.Just enjoyed a 30km riide. Lots of hills where I live.So used level 1 and 2 When I needed a bit of help on hills.