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ADO A26+ Electric Bike

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Outstanding Comprehensive Performance for Its Price

If you're looking to explore some new trails, expand your weekly ride routes, and have some fun doing it, the ADO A26 Plus electric mountain bicycle has the perfect blend of trail performance and power to give you the ride of your life. The frame was constructed from Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy, which is equal parts, strong, lightweight, and incredibly responsive. The design of the frame is designed according to human body mechanics. Together with the dual disc brakes and high strength steel fork, you will enjoy a comfortable riding experience.

This electric bike adopts a 12Ah Lithium-Ion battery, 500W stable brushless motor, empowering each and with more speed, more freedom, and more fun. Whether you’re looking for a faster commute, a more effective workout or enhanced weekend riding thrills, the ADO A26 Plus e-mountain with reasonable price delivers on all fronts.


  • High-Performance Motor - 36v 500w brushless hub motor, strong and efficient, provides exceptional power for an electric bike.
  • Battery Capacity - 36v 12 ah - Lighter and fast charging, provides high output and fast charging / charging time - 3-5 hrs / Max range 80km 
  • Shimano 7 Speed Transmission - Shimano Transmission - expert level transmission.
  • Lightweight Aluminium Alloy - 40% Lighter than high carbon steel which makes it portable and comes with a gravity centre structure handle.
  • Shock Absorption - 7 Point Shock absorbing Design, double saddle elastic shock absorption, front fork dual dynamic shock absorption, 
  • Removable Battery - 3- 5-hour full charge, enjoy a faster and more efficient charging method
  • Double Disk Braking System - Front and rear double disk brake system, fast heat dissipation design, ensures an emergency brake, smooth brake, promoting a safe and reliable riding experience. 
  • Inflatable 26in Rubber Tire - Multi-layer thick rubber tire, super grip, anti-skid and explosion-proof, enjoy riding on types of terrain, providing you with the best user experience. 
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX5 Waterproof design
  • Smart Metre - HD LCD Screen, real-time cycling data, speed, range, battery life
  • High Energy Removable Battery - Removable battery for easy charging and convenience. 
ADO A26+ Electric BikeADO A26+ Electric BikeADO A26+ Electric BikeADO A26+ Electric BikeADO A26+ Electric BikeADO A26+ Electric BikeADO A26+ Electric BikeADO A26+ Electric BikeADO A26+ Electric BikeADO A26+ Electric BikeADO A26+ Electric BikeADO A26+ Electric Bike


Frame 26"
Wheel Size 26"
Power 500W
Weight 25kg
Payload 120kg
Range ~60km
Motor 36V 12.5AH Hall Brushless DC Motor
Battery Removable
Brake Front & Rear Mechanical Disc brake 
Small bell Electronic Speaker
Stand Parking Stand
Display 886 Type HD LCD Display

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