ADO Air 28 PRO All-Rounder Urban Electric Bike

Colour: Latte
Version: CE Version 250W

ADO Air 28 Pro Urban Electric Bike - The Terrain Master

Embrace the thrill of adventure with the ADO Air 28 Pro, your ultimate companion for mastering any terrain. Designed for both urban and off-road explorations, this electric bike redefines efficiency, performance, and safety.

Key Features:

  • Smart Gear Shifting: Smooth Gear transitions for optimal performance across all terrains.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: 10% efficiency boost for longer rides on a single charge.
  • Powerful Torque: 40 N.m torque for easy climbs and challenging terrains.
  • Bafang Motor & Torque Sensor: 250W power with precise control and seamless assistance.
  • Automatic Dual Speed System: Adapts to any terrain for smooth and efficient rides.
  • Integrated Safety Features: Enhanced visibility and comfort with integrated lighting and aluminium fenders.
  • Double Anti-Theft System: Keep your bike secure with our innovative security features.

Step up your biking game with the ADO Air 28 Pro and easily conquer any path. Experience the future of biking today.

ADO Air 28 Pro All-Rounder Urban Electric Bike

  • Conquer All Terrains Smoothly with the ADO Air 28 Pro's Automatic Dual Speed System
  • The ADO Air 28 Pro, powered by a BAFANG rear hub motor, introduces the revolutionary Automatic Dual Speed System. This system is engineered to tackle hills and adapt to varying terrains effortlessly, ensuring a seamless ride under any conditions. With this advanced technology, every journey becomes smoother, and every destination is within reach, redefining the ease and comfort of your riding experience.

  • Experience the Perfect Blend of Power and Precision with the BAFANG Motor and Torque Sensor
  • Thanks to the BAFANG motor, it rides confidently and smoothly, offering 250W of legally compliant power paired with 40Nm of torque for dependable performance day in and day out. The smart integration of intelligent torque sensor technology ensures you receive seamless assistance and meticulous control over your ride. This combination significantly improves your cycling experience, making every journey more enjoyable and efficient.

  • Elevate Your Riding Experience with Integrated Rear Turn Signals and Aluminum Fenders
  • With the addition of integrated rear turn signals and sturdy aluminium fenders, you can achieve unmatched safety and comfort. Signal your turns effortlessly with a simple press, improving your visibility and safety on the road. The robust aluminium mudguards provide durable protection against splashes, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable throughout your ride. This combination enhances your safety and riding pleasure, making for daily worry-free journeys.

  • Enhance Your Peace of Mind with Our Double Anti-Theft System
  • Explore with confidence thanks to our innovative double anti-theft system. Secure your battery effortlessly with our specialized lock mechanism to deter unauthorized access. Additionally, the cleverly integrated Street Wise Bell, which conceals an AirTag or SmartTag, offers an added layer of protection, making your bike less attractive to thieves. This dual approach ensures your bike stays safe, allowing you to focus on the joy of riding.



Specification Category Specification Detail
Certificate SGS CE
Net Weight 21KG
Max Range 100KM
Motor Type Automatic gear shift with Bafang motor
Motor Power 250W
IP Rating IPX5 (display IPX7)
Max. Load 120KG
Max. Speed 25KM/h
Assisting Range ≤100KM
Charging Time 4-6H
Torque 40N.m
Assist Intelligent 0-3 level pedal assist
Suspension Adjustable front fork shock-absorption
Maximum Climbing Angle 20°
Rider Heights 160cm-210cm
Colour Two colors
Rear Light Electric taillight
Battery Brand Samsung
Battery Capacity 36V/9.6aH
Pedal Assist Torque sensor
Display Type 3.5"IPS colorful display
Throttle Without
Brake Hydraulic disc brake
Headlight Automatic sensor light
Tail Light Electric taillight
Wheels Aluminium alloy
Pedal Assist System Carbon Belt
Tyre Type Puncture-proof tyres
Tyre Size 28*18inch

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