ENGWE EP-2 Pro Foldable Electric Bike

Colour: Black
Version: International Version 750W

Discover the ENGWE EP-2 Pro Foldable Electric Bike: Elevate Your Outdoor Adventures

Elevate your outdoor explorations with the ENGWE EP-2 Pro Foldable Electric Bike. This bike is designed to enhance your adventures with its potent blend of power and performance. It transforms how you traverse various landscapes, from urban environments to rugged terrain.

Powerful Performance

Experience effortless propulsion with the powerful 750W brushless motor, ensuring a smooth and exhilarating ride. With 55 N.m of torque, enhance your control and stability on diverse surfaces.

Rugged Versatility

Navigate confidently with 20 x 4.0 fat tyres, ideal for all types of terrain, including gravel, sand, and snow. Conquer steep inclines easily thanks to the 10° maximum climbing degree.

Advanced Controls and Lighting

The Shimano 7-speed transmission system allows for smooth and efficient gear changes. Keep track of your speed and battery life with a clear, easy-to-read LCD display.

Extended Range with High-Capacity Battery

A 48V13Ah lithium-ion battery offers 50-60KM on electric mode and up to 100-120KM with pedal assist, recharging in about 6.5 hours.

Safety and Control

Ensure your safety with 160mm front and rear disc brakes, providing strong stopping power. The lightweight and portable design, weighing just 30 kg (66 lbs), makes the bike easy to fold, carry, and store.

Built to last, the ENGWE EP-2 Pro Foldable Electric Bike is meticulously crafted for durability, ensuring years of reliable performance. It is not just a mode of transportation; it's your new partner in adventure. Ready to transform your outdoor experiences? Unleash your adventurous spirit with the ENGWE EP-2 Pro and rediscover the joy of cycling.


We want to ensure clear communication regarding the intended use of the bike you are interested in. The International 750W Version of this Bike is NOT road-legal in the UK! The design and supply of this bike are intended explicitly for "Off-road Private Land use" only. It is not meant or supplied to be used on public roads or public land. Furthermore, we do not offer approval services to make these bikes street-legal.

At Electric Scooters London, we strictly adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines and the regulations set by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency). Therefore, we only sell these bikes for "Off-road Private Land use." We cannot assist you in making them road-legal in any way.

If you decide to purchase this eBike, please know it can only be used "off-road on private land" with the owner's permission. It is crucial to understand that unless you obtain type approval, insurance, tax, display a number plate, and acquire an MOT, it cannot be used on public roads.

We strongly advise you to contact the DVSA directly to ensure compliance and obtain further information on conformity. You will be responsible for obtaining the necessary approvals, insurance, tax, registration, and MOT to ensure the legal use of the eBike.

We believe in providing accurate and transparent information to our customers, and we want to ensure that you clearly understand the regulations and requirements associated with this bike. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro Foldable Electric BikeENGWE EP-2 Pro Foldable Electric BikeENGWE EP-2 Pro Foldable Electric BikeENGWE EP-2 Pro Foldable Electric BikeENGWE EP-2 Pro Foldable Electric BikeENGWE EP-2 Pro Foldable Electric BikeENGWE EP-2 Pro Foldable Electric Bike
ENGWE EP-2 Pro Foldable Electric Bike


Brand Engwe
Model EP-2 Pro 2022
Colour Black, Gray, Orange
Mode Pure Electric
Pedal Assist (PAS)
Wheel and Tire 20 x 4.0" fat tire
Braking System Front and rear
Mechanical disc braking
Motor Power 750W
Speed 15.5 mph
Battery Capacity

48V 13Ah (624Wh)

Charging Time About 4 - 5 hours
Max Torque 60 N.m
Max Climbing Degree 30°
Frame Material Aluminum Alloy
Cruise Distance per Charge Electric mode: 31-37 miles (50 - 60km)
Assistant mode: 62-75 miles (100 - 120km) 
Gears / Variable Speed Shimano 7 variable speed
Suspension Lockable front fork mechanical suspension
Net Weight 66.4 lbs
Max load 330 lbs
Full Size 66 * 22 * 48 inches
Folding Size 39 * 22 * 30 inches
Saddle Height 32 - 40 inches
Suitable Height 5.2 - 6.8 feet
Certifications CE
Display Battery level
PAS gear
Trip distance & time
Total distance
Error code
Lights Front and Rear LED Lights
Mudguard Front and Rear
Package Size 56 * 12 * 25 inches


Version EP-2 Pro International Version EP-2 Pro EU Version
Power 750W 250W
Speed 26MPH 15.5MPH
Certificate NO EN15194
Throttle Assist YES NO

ENGWE EP-2 Pro Foldable Electric Bike Certificate of Conformity

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